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[11 Nov 2008|08:04pm]
who reads this anymore?

i have a new place to live!
my new kitten comes home next week!

i need to come up with a new name for her...

things are still pretty great in the west.

the long of the short of it (or the short of the long of it). [16 Feb 2008|04:31pm]
great job (just got a promotion, i am my own boss).
great weather (above 0 and sunny, it feels like spring in calgary).
great boyfriend (still smitten and then some).

[27 Jan 2008|10:12am]
[ mood | good ]

things are great right now.

i lasted for a about a week in my job as a florist at safeway before something better came along and thank goodness for that. i am now working as an HR assistant at RONA home and garden. its my first semi grown up job and i'm really enjoying it. its nice to have a desk and a window and a decent paycheck coming in.

its still very cold in calgary but we've been keeping busy going to the library and reading tonnes of books, we went out two-stepping at a ridiculous local bar with a mechanical bull and saddles hanging from the ceiling which gave us a glimpse of the horror that is calgary night life. we are both still quite unimpressed with calgary as a city. talks of where we'll end up after we move have begun and it sounds like the destination will be some ridiculous small town in ontario or montreal.

a visit home is also in the works for early april. james is in the process of planning a tour, we'll most likely drive home together around then and i'll see the fam and the friends while he's off being a musician.

today is a bit of a slow day since i have the day off and james is at work. i have to run to the local grocery store for some stuff so i'll probably have a hot chocolate and read for a while in the coffee shop.

hope you are all doing well!


the haps [02 Jan 2008|02:18pm]
[ mood | calm ]

i am officially back in calgary, i flew back out on the 28th and have been spending a lot of my time looking for a job. and although the rumors that lots of work does exist out here are true, the fact of the matter is i'm having a hard time finding jobs that i qualify for and also doing my best to avoid settling for another retail job.

i have applied for a few sweet gigs, such as a job an an environmental store as well as one as a drama instructor with little kids and a job with the canadian cancer society out here. i'm working on getting my resume out to the art gallery as well but the email they posted is inactive so i'll have to find another way to get it to them.

i'm really loving being back out here with james, but i'm still adjusting to life in calgary. tomorrow we're spending the day downtown which i'm really looking forward to. i've found that being in a new city has made me much less independent than i usually am. something to work on in the new year i suppose.

i miss all my friends back home a lot and my family as well but i know that ultimately this is going to be an amazing experience.

optimistically yours,


welcome to calgary: here's your cow. [19 Nov 2007|11:14am]
[ mood | good ]

greetings from western canada!

i have arrived safely in calgary after a peppy flight with westjet. the plane was quiet and not overly packed with people. i filled up on bits and bites and pepsi and looked out the window a lot. i took only a couple of pictures because if was very cloudy over most of canada and there really wasn't much to see.

james's dad picked me up from the airport since james had to work, but we stopped by to visit him on the way home and he took his lunch and i got to arrive at his house with him, which was nice. his room is in the basement and he had left post-it notes all over the room labeling everything, most of which are still clinging to their respective objects.

i've been slowly adjusting to my new environment over the last few days, walking around and being able to see mountains still comes as quite a shock.

i start at the american eagle tomorrow getting much more hours and a bit more money an hour which is nice, but i'm hoping not to have to come back to AE after christmas so much of the next month will be spent hunting for more substantial and challenging employment.

i'm really enjoying the area i'm in, there seems to be a lot of places to walk and lots to do, there is a plaza about 5 minutes away with everything you need and the mall is only about a half na hour walk, so i can walk to work and home which i really like.

all in all calgary is a very different place from southern ontario, i'm looking forward to seeing a lot more of it over the next few weeks.

i hope everyone is doing well. i'll see you all in a month!


excitement! [07 Nov 2007|09:30pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

it is official!

i fly out on the 16th of this month and come home again on the 14th of december.

hangouts before and after those dates please!


the news! [04 Nov 2007|06:27pm]
[ mood | excited ]

some of you folks are aware of this already, but for those of you that aren't: i have big news!

i'll be moving out to calgary later on this month.

it's not that big a deal since i'll be back home for a while around december 10th or 15th to spend christmas with my family. after that i will be once again departing (boxing day or shortly thereafter) and staying out west for 6 months to a year before moving back to ontario. the plan is to live with james and work out there until we can afford to put a down payment on a house somewhere in ontario, we haven't decided where we want to settle down yet, it mostly depends on where we can find work that we enjoy.

reactions to this news have typically ranged from "what?!" to "why?!" and although this is a very big and rather spontaneous change i'm very excited for it. i'm looking forward to living in a new place and meeting new people and doing new things, something i haven't had and won't have the opportunity to do as long as i'm in pickering.

so i hope to have a chance to hang out with all you folks before i take off, but like i said i'll be back for christmas so i'm sure you will all see me then.


even though he's in calgary... [25 Oct 2007|12:22am]
[ mood | good ]

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[20 Oct 2007|11:31am]
[ mood | optimistic ]

so i'm back home again. and this time for an extended period of time.

i got home yesterday afternoon after another busy week in peterborough.

james is officially airborne and on his way to calgary for an undetermined amount of time. we are thinking 6 months to a year but my fingers are crossed that he comes back sooner rather than later. i'm going to miss him a lot and its going to be hard being so far from each other but i'm really excited to have this whole new aspect of our relationship i never could have had otherwise, being able to write letters and send packages and make long distance phone calls.

i'm planning a trip out to see him next month which i'm really looking forward to. i'm going to try to see him at least once every couple of months until he gets back. there was talk about me moving out there but calgary is a pricey place to live and until we're sure how the arrangements will work the plan is just to do lots of visiting.

i plan to keep very busy over the next few months, a new job and finally getting my drivers license are on the ever growing list of things to distract me.

as for this weekend i worked my first of two night shifts in a row yesterday evening. i'm not really looking forward to tonight's installment.

i'd love to see some of you folks over the next few weeks as well, since i've been away so much recently. some of you folks are being severely missed.


[04 Oct 2007|08:30pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

hello livejournal.

it has been a while.

i've been out of town since the 22nd and have had very random access to the internet since, hence the lack of any word from me in a while.

since i've been gone so long this is a very overdue thank you, but just the same i want to say thanks to any and all who stopped by on my birthday or called or sent me a message. i had a really great birthday this year and all of you folks are to thank for that.

i headed up to james's cottage on the 22nd and from there went to peterborough, where i have been hanging out with him since sunday.

things have been very hectic since his business partner fell through, he was supposed to be gone tuesday but will now be around until sometime next week probably. so everything is pretty crazy but the silver lining has been getting to spend some more time together before he takes off the the land of oil sands for a year or so.

not much is new with me other than that, its been really nice to be out of town for a while but i regret being so disconnected from everyone for the last couple of weeks. i should be home until sunday or monday and then may be back in peterborough next week again but i'd love to see some of you folks while i'm here for the next couple of days.

i hope everyone is doing great.


[10 Sep 2007|08:27am]
[ mood | chipper ]

things have been hectic but excellent!

i'm feeling more like myself than i have in ages and am happier than i can remember being in a long time.

for those of you in the know i have a rather insignificant birthday coming up?
23? why yes i will be.

let me know if folks would be interested in some cocktails and some good times, most likely at my house. my birthday is on a friday this year (the 21st). no excuses losers. unless you're sandra and live in ottawa.
sandra, you're a jerk.

most likely some sort of lame facebook invite will be constructed and sent out in the near future. keep your eyes peeled!


[18 Aug 2007|04:38pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

things are looking up.


[09 Aug 2007|08:49am]
[ mood | optimistic ]

things are going well.

still up days and down days but for the most part the worst of things seems to have past.

the pains in my side seem to be improving, again there are still really bad days but for the most part its more good than bad right now.

my grandmother seemed to be settling into the home nicely, making friends and chatting in the halls, but when my dad went to visit the other night she seemed quite delusional. she was telling the woman she was talking to she was over a hundred years old (she's 80ish) and that she oldest daughter was 80 (my aunt is nearing 60). we then got reports that she had turned off her roommates TV called everyone in the room a bitch and stormed out. this sounds nothing like my grandma but given her current condition it is something she would be capable of. we're hoping she continues to settle in well and stops starting fights.

for the most part things everywhere else in my life have been good. i've been going out a lot and meeting great new people and having fun. i'm hoping to have a new job in the next few months and be traveling within the next 6 or so.

i'll probably also be getting a new cellphone in the next while as mine is on its last legs so keep your eyes open for the new number.

and for those of you who didn't know i changed my email address as my msn refused to sign me in with the old one. my new email is: intellectualbravado@hotmail.com.


mantra. [30 Jul 2007|11:10pm]
[ mood | better ]

i will be.

[15 Jul 2007|12:43am]
[ mood | okay ]

so things are changing.

my endometriosis, which i thought was the cause of my abdominal pain, has turned out to be unrelated to whatever is making me sore every day. i have to go to see more surgeons and go to more clinics in an attempt to figure out whats wrong with my insides.

also, facebook probably told many of you this but pat and i broke up.
long story short is that it was the best thing we could have done for each other at this point in our lives. we will both be okay and we'll be much happier this way. i'll always love him but it was time to start a new part of our lives as friends instead of boyfriend and girlfriend.

so things are changing in my life. it's going to be tough for a while and the last month has been one of the worst i can recall in terms of emotional ups and downs but i know i'll be fine.


life update [03 Jul 2007|04:58pm]
[ mood | okay ]

1. crazy grandma plans are unfolding. she'll soon be out of the hospital and shipped to various homes throughout durham before hopefully landing in the one across the street from where she was living just a short time ago. this will all hopefully happen sooner rather than later.

2. went away for canada day weekend. fun times were had by all and much gin was consumed.

3. parents gave me 500 smackers for graduating on time. 118 of which were spent today on new clothes from my work. attempts to build a new work wardrobe are going swimmingly. items yet to buy include: work shoes, dress pants, button down shirts and a "big girl" leather bag. the shirts and pants will most likely wait until fall lines come out in a month but shoes i like are currently at aldo and bags are bags are bags so who knows when i'll buy those.

4. who wants to buy me shoes and bags?

5. who wants to give me a job?


[18 Jun 2007|10:37pm]
[ mood | okay ]

hello, livejournal.

so things have been hectic since my operation despite the fact that i'm trying to take it easy and take my time recovering.

my grandma is back in the hospital with another head-trauma related crisis.
she fell last week and bonked her noodle and the hospital in oshawa said she was fine, but never actually did a CT scan. long story short: she's been bleeding inside her skull for about a week or so. luckily its on the outside rather than the inside of her brain like last time when she had her aneurysm, so the damage isn't as severe as it may have been. the pressure from the bleed has been on the part of her brain that controls speech though, so she's having trouble understanding and being understood.

this combined with her altzeimers has basically made for a rough go for the family. my grandpa is the only one she recognizes although i'm not sure she knows he's her husband or if she just associates him with kisses on the forehead and fruit cocktail.
she keeps trying to escape from the hospital at night so someone has to stay overnight with her to prevent her from needing to be put in restraints. she really has no idea what's going on, she doesn't know that she's in a hospital or why she's there. it's too sad to think of how confused and scared she must be so i try not to dwell on it.

the recent CT scans show that the bleed in her brain has slowed and may have stopped entirely which is good but there's no way to know if she'll ever recover from this completely. she goes back into the oshawa hospital sometime this week to be closer to home (she's at sunnybrook right now) and she starts rehab next week i think. from there they have to determine her future needs based on her progress but its doubtful that she'll be going back home since my grandpa can't care for her alone anymore.

this has all been really hard on everyone and i'm feeling sort of numb about all of it lately. it's a lot to deal with all at once. the last few years since her aneurysm and her diagnosis with altzeimers she's been fading slowly but visibly. but she still always had good days where she'd joke around and pretend to need more help walking than she did and she always knew who people were and could still tease us and was still herself. it's hard to think that there might not be any more good days.

right now the most important things are getting her closer to home and keeping her comfortable and happy.

other than all this grandma nonsense not much is going on. i got new paint for my room today (light yellow) and i graduate wednesday but it just doesn't seem like that big a deal anymore.
i just want to hang out with my family.


[10 Jun 2007|12:00am]
i'm glad this week is almost over.

[05 Jun 2007|08:34pm]
so some of you may have read in pat's journal or heard from me about my surgery yesterday.

for those of you who didn't know about it, it wasn't anything major. basically an exploratory procedure but since they did end up finding something wrong it was a bit more than that.

either way i am doing fine and recovering slowly from it. i'm still pretty sore today from it so i've spent a lot of time in bed sleeping and drinking ginger ale. i was prescribed percs for the pain but they make me so sick that i just gave up on taking them. so now i'm taking advil and toughing it out.

so thats my news.

hope you all are doing well. and i hope i can see you all when i am feeling better.

[07 May 2007|08:32am]
[ mood | good ]

so it has been a long time since i updated.

unfortunately i am still writing exams but as of tomorrow at 12 noon i will have finished my undergrad at u of t (provided i passed my music exam).

i am looking forward to shopping for a dress for convocation and drinking on a patio in the afternoon.

i'm not too concerned about this exam as it is english and i have have passed exams where i have done less reading for an english course than this before. i still have 3 plays to read today which is definitely doable. i'm sure i'd only have 2 left if i hadn't just slept for 12 hours. ce la vie.


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